How to Create a Treasure Hunt to Promote Your City

How to Create a Treasure Hunt to Promote Your City

Treasure hunts are an excellent way to promote a city while entertaining visitors. Whether you want to showcase the cultural, historical, or natural heritage of your area, organizing a treasure hunt is a fun and original option. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you create the perfect treasure hunt for visitors to your city.

Step 1: Define the Objective of the treasure hunt

Before starting to design your treasure hunt, it is essential to determine the objective you want to achieve. Do you want to highlight historical sites? Share anecdotes about the city? Promote local businesses? Once your objective is clarified, you can design a treasure hunt that meets your expectations.

Step 2: Choose Locations to Include in the treasure hunt

Select the iconic, historical, or picturesque locations in your city that you want to include in the treasure hunt. Make sure these locations are accessible to the public and offer a particular interest in terms of heritage or local history.

Step 3: Design Riddles and Clues

Riddles and clues are the essence of a treasure hunt. Design riddles related to the selected locations and tailor them to the target audience (children, families, adults). Clues should guide participants through the different stages of the treasure hunt while entertaining them.

Step 4: Create a Roadmap or a Dedicated App

To facilitate player participation, consider creating a printed roadmap or a dedicated mobile application. This support will allow participants to follow the steps of the treasure hunt clearly and in a fun way.

With Questovery, you can create a digitized treasure hunt in just a few clicks. Our platform enables you to design a custom treasure hunt, add riddles and clues, and make it accessible to visitors through a dedicated mobile application. This way, you can offer an innovative and interactive treasure hunt experience to your visitors.

Step 5: Test the Treasure Hunt

Before officially launching your treasure hunt, organize a test session with volunteers to identify any necessary adjustments. Ensure that the riddles are understandable, the clues are clear enough, and the course is smooth.

Again, Questovery allows you to test your treasure hunt in real conditions before making it available to the public. This way, you can ensure that the experience offered is optimal for participants.

Step 6: Promote the Treasure Hunt

Once your treasure hunt is finalized, make sure to promote it effectively. Use social media, local websites, tourist offices, and partnerships with businesses to publicize your treasure hunt and encourage visitors to participate.

With Questovery, we generate a QR code that you can print and display in strategic locations in your city to promote your treasure hunt.


Creating a treasure hunt to promote your city is an original and fun way to showcase its cultural and historical heritage. By following these steps, you can design an attractive and engaging treasure hunt for visitors while enhancing the tourist appeal of your area. Do not hesitate to be creative and original to offer a memorable experience to participants in your treasure hunt.

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